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Hi! I’m Abigail!

I’m a 30 something year old young mom to eight wonderful children and wife to my loving husband Jerry. Jerry and I met at Purdue University in Indiana and married in June of 2001.  We moved to Texas for “2-3 years” to start our new life together and planned to move back to the Midwest.  Well, here we are a *few* more than 2-3 years later, still loving Texas.  I gave birth to our first daughter, Katherine, in June of 2002.  Then we had our first son, Tony, in August of 2004.  After that we had 6 more girls, with our youngest being born March 2015.  There are a lot of girls in our home–and as such–a LOT of hair bows!

You can also find me on Abigail A Artistry.  There you will find not only more hair bows, but hats, finger puppets, ornaments, and MORE!  Thank you for coming to visit-happy shopping!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Abigail. My wife Elizabeth just ordered four hair bows from you and told me about your ministry. We try to support as many small Catholic businesses as we can, and we pray for them regularly. I’ve just added you to our prayer list. I am delighted to hear about your family. I collect many vintage children’s books and one of my favorites is the Frenchy Beaumont series; Frenchy is a teenage boy with seven sisters! So it was easy to think of Frenchy when I read about your family. Blessing to you, your work, and your family.

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